My platform of choice, the integration of the components makes it an excellent choice for your business or project. It has free versions for you to test out.

Most festivals are limited because of the way they view their data, usually siloed and usually behind gatekeepers of whom many operate through individually owned inboxes. Of course the ticket and social data rarely mixed and as for patron support. We weren't keeping up with phone calls with many orgs email only



Our use of technology accelerated 20 years of slow cultural adoption of new things went hyper for a while. Everyone learned online meetings, remote working and in 5 years we have emerged a much more technically literate person with far more adaptability in a wold requiring more accountability


A centralised data set which leans into information democracy while assuring credentialed access for governance purposes. It is one which actively engages in the AI improvements without you having to think about integrating AI. This is Zoho


If you run multiple brands under the one shop then the multiplier affect of using one system with multiple faces makes things so much easier

I use every day Zoho Mail, Chat, Campaign, CRM, SalesInaBox, Desk, SalesIQ

Now it isn't for the light hearted, it can be confusing if adopted all at once.   There is rollout using certain components which are better soft jump of points as you work out the way you want Zoho to work for you


ZOHO has embraced AI as part of its platform - here are its first steps

18 June 2023 - Zoho announces development of its own AI

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