An organisation set up to support projects which have a strong sense of Self Organising Principles at their core
At SOS we have learned certain patterns do repeat themselves which if you understand you can mitigate project risk and improves a projects chance of success

Understanding People and Process

There are passionate people with ideas who are not process focused, with their ideas stumbling at predictable points.

SOS is here to help defer some of those set "In stone" decisions, allowing more time for projects to evolve and become stronger before going it alone.

Through incubation we encourage rehearsal, practising, making sure you have iterated the idea a few times. To help projects become aware of their own patterns. The more you can rehearse, practise and play, the better the first public performance will be.

SOS allows your project to incubate within a structure, giving it a freedom to evolve, take shape, develop your team, perfecting your processes before committing to a fixed form

The other area SOS focuses on the role of technology allowing the above to be accomplished in a way which supports fairness, a sense of egalitarianism and equality.


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