The T-House is all about Collaboration, Co-Creating and Community.

It is primarily for like minded members of the Matong community. Projects range from  collecting local organic waste and distributing resulting eggs,

It is working on creating a small nursery and community garden

It is a learning space, where participants learn by doing. 

T-House offers three unique areas of participation.

  • Plant Makers - A community garden designed on the tenants of permaculture
  • Food Makers - A vegetarian kitchen stocked with food purchased from ethical, sustainable sources
  • Tech Makers - A supportive environment for hardware, software, and mechanical enquiries 

The local version is Burning Seed

T-House is creating a shared garden as an ongoing project. Focusing on whicker gardens and utilising IBC's in creative ways.

We hope to be able to  grow a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices reducing current fuel miles and time units to secure healthy food.

We have a focus on Nutrition, Tech, Arts, Sustainability, Community Spaces, Process, Documentation, Self Expression and Radical Inclusion

The T-House first appeared at the Digger Street Collective in Cairns circa 2009 and ran till 2017.

A co-creating space built around  Burner principles with a strong emphasis on collaboration and community.





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