DTE - First Visit to Monday Night Chit Chat
* Support - The first thing we point people to is where the support chat is
* Lost password - Show Users how to retrieve lost password
* Profile page - Point out Profile page -
    * Show how to edit
    * Point out Fincom, Memcom tabs
    * Point out the Groups
    * Point out the Calendar
* Credentialed - explain credentialed access

DTE - FinCom - circa 18:30

* Joining the - Group - with LN EB
* Filling out the articles and menu - WPage
* Being a cardholder (Receipts)  - WPage

DTE - Coms Media Crew - circa 19:00
* Joining the - Group - with CS
* Filling out the articles and menu - WPage
* Social Network Secretary - WPage 
* Blog Editor - WPage


Current Topic Sets
* Zoom - Resource Page - SOS WPage
* Red Earth City Zoom - Platform - Zoom Events
* Red Earth City Website Induction - Virtual Events
* Down To Earth Website Induction
* Swapping Facebook for Discord or Slack
* Google Suite - 
           * Google Drive - 
           * Google Sheet - Resource Page?
           * Google Doc - Resource Page?

Also any guests (that means you) who might like to share a technology they are using and explain why they like it. If you have a favourite tek tool - Chat Me

If you get stuck use the chat support to your right
* Chat
or set up a chat through the chat in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
It has been enhanced to search Articles/FAQ and a Bot so while it tries to find me, it will attempt to assist until I can intervene.