A project based around a physical gathering as its mission

Aqueous is a writer in a topian vision of your choice, either dystopian in a bleaker or happier sense, ie the world we run from or the world you run to.

What Aqueous attempts to write is "Tales From the Gate" - A collection of front gate stories from a number of different alt festival events from the mid 1990's Aqueous has collected a a few tales, thats for sure.

Urbanist In Training is a world set in one of a number of potential future timelines

Dsystopian to Utopian

The stream is a way to view the data flowing pass you at every sensory level in every moment, its massive, its incalculable because we know organically there is always the fractal as does the machine

The different media channels i visit during the week

Registered Project Spaces


Matong is the Town closest to the State Forest where we hold Burning Seed

It is the town that has lost all its shops and it pub burnt down


It's footy team has emerged with Ganmain

Who is a town that with it it's own beauty, its own strength, D residents committee has been working on some projects that can help build community and generate some revenue to offset the cost of the community and provide further infrastructure to support them

Below are some of the projects within the Matong project

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