Green Room

You know when someone says "Come on over" you knew pre covid they meant go over to their place and hang out

The Pandemic has had me think about how I was hanging out with people in the digital space and how I could make it more comfortable for visitors.

So drop in and say hi in the Green Room 

I am slowly weaning myself off a zoom existence into my topi world. It is a far better tool to develop community around than Zoom and at a much more reasonable price. 

So technically my avatar is there waiting to say Hi should you to decide to drop in

If you just want to hang around and browse please visit 

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It has been enhanced to search Articles/FAQ and a Bot so while it tries to find me,
it will attempt to assist until I can intervene.


This is why I do the work I do
and as fast as I can
make available to all the fruits of this doing,"

This website is the make available bit



Drop thought

This website is how you connect with my world

So right now what is A Human up to? this site gives you an idea,

I remember thinking in my cycles of interactions with people and when they happen, frequency, not so much whether good or bad, just whether there was a cycle to them

I noticed with some it was an inevitability we were going to meet. All the variables had us on a trajectory of intersection, co-traveling for a bit and then over time as frequently as multiple times in a day to sometimes weeks, months, years then maybe none.

A lot in the early years of living, some more in the later part of life and in the long term were the ones which came around fairly regularly like orbiting in solar systems and their gravity, their affect on your world can be tidal.

And then there are the ones who have been there for years, not 1-5, more like 10 plus, 20 plus and lucky to say some 40 years or more.

Always up for that.