Specialising in

Filemaker 19 - Customised Data Solutions

Zoho One - Integrated platform for your business

Websites - Joomla 3 & 4, Wordpress, Squarespace

Google - Workspaces

Zapier - Integration between platforms

Proxi - Mapping - Example

Topia - Online Conference Event platform

Familiar with - these tech tools

Plus a smattering of Open Source, Dweb, AI

* Produce the following Knowledge Bases

Tools Knowledge Base

Tools Zoho Knowledge Base

Tools Google Knowledge Base

* Instant Chat Support

I provide instant chat support to clients

* Remote Screen Support

If necessary i can login and provide remote desktop support


For your Business or Community

Contact me through chat to your left if you think my mind could be a good addition to your tech team, especially if you use or would like to use the following tools, Zoho, Filemaker, Joomla, Google  or ChatGPT.

Also available to talk through the pros and cons of various tools and their induction into your business or community.

You can book a call with me here


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Filemaker, Zoho and AI