When you are accessing asynchrobnous systems you are "asynching"


Share information in a non meeting manner making it easier for others to access what they need at times that are best for them. It trusts in shared knowledge while respecting an organic humans time restraints. The meeting doiesnt become the block to the distribution of in formation nor is private ownership of it


GPT - "Asynchronous" refers to operations or activities that are not synchronised or do not occur simultaneously in real-time. In the context of technology and computing, it often refers to tasks that run independently of one another, allowing the system to perform other operations while waiting for a particular task to complete.

For example, asynchronous communication in programming allows a program to start a task, such as loading data from a remote server, and then continue executing other tasks without waiting for the data retrieval to finish. The program can check back later to see if the data has been successfully retrieved.

In general, asynchronous processes are useful for tasks that may take some time to complete or tasks that can be run concurrently with other activities, improving overall efficiency and responsiveness.

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Charlotte de Witte B2B Enrico Sangiuliano - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2022

TechTool I used most this week

Zoho Mail -  I have to wrk many email addresses from any different projects. Zoho mail allows me to run any number of rules and folders along with unread, which are read and then flagged or not. View flagged and practise zero inbox - m ove from email to project tasks what you can



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