The expected end of Digger Street as a physical artifact is now gone and with it another example of to be demolished properties used as experimental living models until they are demolished. And even though I expected them to be demolished much earlier, the delay for whatever reason allowed Digger Street to become a rare experiment in multi house, tear down the fences, centralise the kitchen, put in a garden, community kitchen, burner approach to urban living, What started as an experimental arts Project for a festival turned into a project in its own right.

What an era it was, so many lovely people, the dinners, the ideas all of it, good and the bad. When it was all wrapped up around 3,000 people had stayed at Digger Street over its ten years with countless more daily drop ins.

What an experience and thankyou and much love to all those who participated and made it happen.

Now it lives only in the minds of those who experienced it directly and in those who those narratives have been passed onto, each participant will take away their own learnings from their own experiences both good and bad and there were many examples of bad and yet overall it gifted many a unique experience from those who simply got to stay and those who got right into the logistics of food/water/power for a project of 20 or so residents in an urban space, while peering into the values of The Diggers (First) and The Diggers (Second) movements, sustainable urban communities, take out the windows, remove the doors, feed the many type community. These are rare experiments.



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Music to Muse by


The bus is an instrument that can be made to sing. Choosing a track is like taking the right guitar down off the wall. The idea for this set was to give that instrument a top to bottom workout, allowing the crowd to experience its many octaves.

This is also a sampling of my intuition for what’s to come for our genre. As we coast past the ten-year mark, a lengthy run for any music style, we naturally look to what’s next.

The sounds in this set are the edges that I hear beginning to touch each other. I’m highlighting the precursor, the beginning point as fresh sounds converge with those we are more familiar with to create something new. The recipe is far from complete, but I hear a “what’s next” in the mix.

Those of you tuning in hoping for a follow-up to my 2019 set, not to worry; that will be shared at the 2022 burn.

2019 was entirely my own music and was effectively an album release. It’s true what they say about sophomore albums, they are in many ways harder than the first, and they certainly take time. I’m putting the finishing touches on that now, and I look forward to dancing with you in a few short months. Until then.
-Jason Douglas

SC: @jason_douglas

Photo Credit:
John Dill



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