Happy Election Day @ The Green Room from 6PM   21/05/22

For the political junkies I know

Going to hang out in the the Green Room with those in the cohort who are into the two games in town tonight.

Of course none of us know how this is going to pan out so get your toxic substances fr the evening and in the spirit of Dons Party, lets gather.

No Particular time, it will be an evening till the end of both

Ian P - Labor 3-5 seats
 - ALP by 3-5 seats ... At least 3 new independents. One Nation and UAP may kill each other off ... Maybe an extra green, but a near miss. Devastation for the coalition in the senate, so it won't matter if they do win ... Outcome determined by women and younger voters who are cagey not undecided ...
Robin M - Labor in minority
 - Labor in minority

ABC Results
EC Results

Polls Closing
18:00 Broadcasting ABC
 - Pregame ramble

19:30 St Kilda v Adelaide game starts and might see if I can work out a meeting room


Headline and performing throughout the evening

Scomo v Albo

20:30 - WA Results start to show

21:00 - Prepoll Results kickin



Helpful voting Links


**Going to update this page as a working document as the night progresses collecting links thoughts along the way 

Tool of the Day


A Humans world


Facundo Mohrr - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2019


Wow, this was the second burn for me and first of all I would like to thank the Robot Heart family and Lee Burridge for giving me the chance to live one of the most intense and amazing experiences of my life.

To be honest, ever since I got offered to play after the Lee’s well known mythical sunrise sets, my mind was all over the place. Going from happiness to anxiety to excitement, I trusted in the power of "The Playa" and went along with the feeling that everything was going to be fine. The result of this process was a 2 hour set of varied, emotional and fun music whilst the heat of the desert was banging at 10am.

Being on the bus surrounded by my friends from Argentina, Panama, and New York, along with many others that I had the chance to meet is something that I will never forget. Again, thank you Lee, Robot Heart, Juli, Antos, Mati, Assaf, Zeyad, Jaxx, Sandra, Tengo and everyone for making this moment one of the happiest of my life.

I wish this will take you on a beautiful journey.
See you next year )’(
Love, facu.


Photo Credit: Jean Sini