Gaby endo

Where did I go?

Thats a good question, where didn't I go.


Where did I go

The Topia



The VIr- oculs -a ltvr - worlds 

efforsts and didnt quite get them wehere you want them to be and realisign that throught he year you will and  they will be better prepared for the unflding Universes

A cool induced Nausea


A Hirse Race Meeeting


Fathers Day


Brambles - Building community one pixel at a time
_ Warmspace - which was the standout experience, one of the most exciteldy Hal is already here  moent of lets dump the therapist and get these toaprtners - love the rhianne eisler connection





Gaby Endo - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2019 - Link

The love in the air. The warmth of the first rays of sun. The mystic fog in the horizon. A perfect morning. 

We were dancing together, in fact very close together. Hugging, sharing drinks, lip-balms and other playa essentials. Celebrating life. Expressing and living some of the things we enjoy the most: connection with each other, affection and freedom to go and do as we wish.

Music is an invisible bridge that connects us all, even when we are so far apart. We can find in music a way to transcend into a different space and time. Our minds and consciousnesses will always be free to travel anywhere we want to go.

I hope this takes you to beautiful places.

Transmitting with love,
Gaby Endo

SoundCloud: @gabyendo

Photo: Jean Sini


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