A Clarian call if ever I heard one

Here I find myself after a full twenty year cycle I find myself orbiting the same project just on a different topography.

Literally now facing in the other direction looking towards the Mansion rather than being on the balcony looking towards Frankston.

Spaces, Projects, creativity, community, governance.

All top of mind, and how can the role of AI or a NEB - Non Emotive Being - Non Human as a way if freeing up the rudimentary administration allowing volunteers to focus more on the purpose, the intention of the community.

NEB's combined with documentation move it from being the human "Bob's Rules" and all associated dramas, obligations, responsibilities to being "Neb's rules/systems" and if you want to change it, then there is the regular community meeting where we discuss and consider rewriting Neb's code if needed and the majority agree.



 The following written by Clarian on his Soundcloud page somehow seemed a very appropriate description the feelings I felt then and what I am feeling now

Through a sleepless tantrum of being lost in a place inside myself of wonder, mystery, and adrenaline; that was my state of mind a month before I realized I was actually going (last minute as always), as all my other priorities quickly seemed to dissolve and I focused purely on this set of music as a gift for my first burning man… performing this set which came together so suddenly and fluidly (rarely happens like that with me and took me back to more naive studio days) live with Robot Heart during the burning of the man shook me to the core with liberating inspiration and was such a unique and uplifting experience it feels like I almost betray the memory each time I try to explain it rashly.