Two years ago Burning Man Project shared a 10-year Environmental Sustainability Roadmap collaboratively written by 55 people. Our goals are to sustainably manage waste, be ecologically regenerative and be carbon negative by 2030. Join us for an update on our progress and hear from Burning Man Founders, staff and collaborators. Our goal on this call is to be transparent, get feedback, inspire action, and offer a connection point for others doing similar work.

We will also hear from Billie Jean Guerrero, the Executive Director of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum & Visitor Center. This call is free, and we will ask for donations for the Museum. We pass through and work and gather on Numu (Northern Paiute) land in Pyramid Lake and the Black Rock Desert. This is a good way to support an important project in their community.

Yep it's still setting the tone of the day still for me (7 Days now - not in a row) - Thanks JD - 

Jason Douglas - Robot Heart - Burning Man - 2019
There are only a handful of places on the planet where electronic music is treated like art. The bus is one of them, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share music on it. The tracks in this set are my own original compositions or edits. I consider this to be an album release. The music is, for the most part, tuned to 432hz in Just Intonation. This tuning follows the harmonic series, and is in harmony with the mathematics of nature. I hope you feel it with as much love as I put in. Finally, I want to thank the Robot Heart team for working on the system through the night to get the bus out that morning. Your effort meant a great deal to me.

SoundCloud: @jason_douglas

Photo: Jean Sini


It's been way too long since I have been dancing under a gum tree to an awesome sunrise set


It's been way too long since I have been dancing under a gum tree to an awesome sunrise set



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