After going to the same festival for nearly 30 years I now see grandparents, their children and their children's children.


The expected end of Digger Street as a physical artifact is now gone and with it another example of to be demolished properties used as experimental living models until they are demolished. And even though I expected them to be demolished much earlier, the delay for whatever reason allowed Digger Street to become a rare experiment in multi house, tear down the fences, centralise the kitchen, put in a garden, community kitchen, burner approach to urban living, What started as an experimental arts Project for a festival turned into a project in its own right.


Happy Election Day @ The Green Room from 6PM  21/05/22

For the political junkies I know 

Going to hang out in the the Green Room with those in the cohort who are into the two games in town tonight

St Kilda v Adelaide

Scomo v Albo


A Clarian call if ever I heard one

Here I find myself after a full twenty year cycle I find myself orbiting the same project just on a different topography.



About this event

Innovation. Education. Industry. These are powerful angles—and what Research Triangle Park is known for. At RTP180, speakers from our founding Universities, Park companies and the North Carolina community at-large, are called upon to speak passionately and authentically about what matters to them. The twist? They must do it in 5 minutes or less!


We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us last week, for the launch of Regenerative Songlines Australia.  We're sure you'll agree it was a very special event.

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