I was 8

Speed forward and Chat GPT drops from OpenAI and before you know it there are many.  Over the next few weeks I will be going through each of the tools working out which ones can be most helpful for time constrained Not For Profits. 

Your thoughts & experiences are most welcome - Use the ChatBot


So it came as a complete surprise that in my lifetime. out of no where popped ChatGPT. A pandemic can do that to a culture.

So what was once an interest in the unreal is now very much the real, as per usual will share what I learn on a platform I am developing for it here http://ahumanai.com


Most Excellent Resources

 * https://futurepedia.beehiiv.com/


Currently Using

Quillbot  *****   Improves your writing in any field, document you are in - Use it to rewite response from other Text Generators like ChatGpt  
ChatGPT  *****   Text to text query engine  
ChatGPT - Chrome Extension  *****   Runs your google search through your GPT account and in same browser window gives you the GPT response alongside the google results  
ChatGPT - Zoho Cliq ****   Brings ChatGpt into your Cliq Channel  



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