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Burning Man Project 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap
08 Jul 2019

The TL;DR version: Burning Man Project is beginning an open-source approach to become carbon negative, sustainably manage waste, and be ecologically regenerative by 2030To get involved and stay informed, go here.

From its humble beginnings on San Francisco’s Baker Beach in 1986 to a worldwide network of dreamers, thinkers, and doers, Burning Man has evolved into a cultural leader and changemaker. Today nearly 80,000 makers, educators, creatives, and people from every imaginable field gather annually to co-create Black Rock City, Burning Man’s largest convening. Tens of thousands more go to the 90 Burning Man regional events held around the world, and hundreds of thousands participate in events and activities inspired by Burning Man. The nonprofit Burning Man Project supports programs like Fly Ranch, which is becoming a year-round platform for the ingenuity of the Burning Man community, and Burners Without Borders, whose chapters organize relief projects and work to make communities more resilient. All in all, it’s fair to say Burning Man has affected millions of people.

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