04 Aug 2019

Today was 

Yes Brands, I will use brands and sometimes not, it's not because I am ultimately suggesting these, more if you are wondering how quickly can I get into remote connected disconnected then to an extent it is how well you can make use of distance technology to reduce imapct on moving in and out of a community. In the end efficient delivery of food to top up what we can't grow our own and soon as their is an interchangeable service provider more in tunes with the values of RVG then it wi


Gas Stove New One

Replaced Butane One 


Good for quick fix, however the reality on the waste does not make sense and the swap and go nature of todays cylinders do.

It does bring into  delivery and big bottles filled by BOC and decanting or do they dop swap and go

Now with Bunnings swap and Go


Big Corporate systems already dominate nomadic hippy trending lifestyle


If the new journey is your backyard and what you make of it yourself.

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